Overview of References


The style of reference in Emond publications is dictated by the discipline, subject matter, and audience. In a new edition, the style of reference used in the previous edition may be used (with or without updating).

Law-related publications (e.g., practice, law school, law clerk, paralegal, policing ) follow the Canadian Guide to Uniform Legal Citation, 8th edition [McGill].

Social science publications (e.g., psychology, sociology) generally use the American Psychological Association author–date system.

General arts publications (e.g., political science, criminology) may use the Chicago Manual of Style author–date system.

Publications that follow APA or Chicago for literature references follow the McGill legal reference system (adapted as appropriate for APA or Chicago).

Emond expects authors to supply accurate references to statutes, cases, articles, books, and other publications. Where information is missing or suspect, the copy editor must query authors to check references and, if necessary, correct them.