Law-intensive Emond titles follow the McGill Law Journal’s Canadian Guide to Uniform Legal Citation, 9th edition [McGill] reference system. Titles in the social sciences use APA. Emond’s house style follows the Canadian Oxford Dictionary, 2nd edition for spellings, abbreviations, and hyphenation.

Quick Links

Online Canadian Legal Citation Guides

Queen’s University Library Introduction to Legal Citation

Queen’s university has a clear and comprehensive explanation of the elements of legal citation. The guide discusses the elements of a case citation, neutral citations versus non-neutral citations, and how to cite statutes and regulations, among other things.

UBC’s Legal Citation Guide

A more granular, comprehensive guide. Easily navigable by type of citation.

McGill: Examples and Applications

Case Citations

Number Ranges


McGill with Footnotes

Used in College and Practice/Professional titles.

Sample Footnotes List

McGill in Casebooks

Most casebooks don’t use footnotes; McGill-style references are incorporated into the text.


Most cases and legislation are freely available on CanLII and include the title, citation, and full text.

Common Errors

A list of errors commonly found in textbooks.