Case Reporters


Note: Series numbers (e.g., 2d, 3d) may be incomplete.

Abbreviation Reporting Series
AC Appeal Cases (UK)
All ER All England Law Reports
ALR American Law Reports
Alta LR Alberta Law Reports
APR Atlantic Provinces Reports
AR Alberta Reports
BCLR British Columbia Law Reports
CCC Canadian Criminal Cases
CELR Canadian Environmental Law Reports: series: (NS)
CPR Canadian Patent Reporter: series: (2d), (3d)
CR Criminal Reports: series: (2d), (3d), (4th)
CTC Canada Tax Cases
DLR Dominion Law Reports: series: (2d), (3d), (4th)
DTC Dominion Tax Cases
ETR Estates and Trusts Reports
F Federal Reporter (US): series: F (2d), F (3d)
F Supp Federal Supplement (US)
Fam Family Division (UK)
FC Canada Federal Court Reports
FRD Federal Rules Decisions (US)
KB King's Bench
Man R Manitoba Reports: series: (2d)
MVR Motor Vehicle Reports
NBR New Brunswick Reports: series: (2d)
Nfld & PEIR Newfoundland and Prince Edward Island Reports
NR National Reporter
NSR Nova Scotia Reports: series: (2d)
NWTR Northwest Territories Reports
OLR Ontario Law Reports
OR Ontario Reports: series: (2d)
OWN Ontario Weekly Notes
OWR Ontario Weekly Reporter
QB Queen's Bench
P Pacific Reporter (US): series: P (2d)
RFL Reports of Family Law
RJQ Recueil de jurisprudence du Québec
S Ct Supreme Court Reporter (US)
Sask R Saskatchewan Reports
SCR Canada Supreme Court Reports
SE South Eastern Reporter (US): series: SE (2d)
SW South Western Reporter (US): series: SW (2d)
Tax ABC Tax Appeal Board Cases
US United States Reports
WCB Workers' Compensation Board Reports (Ontario)
WLR Weekly Law Reports (UK)
WWR Western Weekly Reports