Court Abbreviations


Note: In the citation of a court, capital-letter abbreviations of province names are closed up with the court abbreviation (e.g., BCSC, NSSC (AD)).

Note: McGill-style abbreviations (shown here) omit periods. Non-McGill-style abbreviations include periods with single uppercase letters and with combinations of upper- and lowercase letters.

See also abbreviations of provinces, territories, and states.

Abbreviation Court
Bd Inquiry Board of Inquiry
CA Court of Appeal
Ch Chancery Court
Ch D Chancery Division
Co Ct County Court
Ct J Court of Justice
Ct Sess Court of Sessions (Scotland)
Div Ct Divisional Court
EAB Environmental Appeal Board
Ex Ct Exchequer Court
Fam Ct Family Court
FC Federal Court
FCA Federal Court of Appeal, Federal Court of Australia
FCTD Federal Court Trial Division
Gen Div General Division
HC High Court
HCA High Court of Australia
H Ct J High Court of Justice (Ontario)
HCJ High Court of Justice (UK)
HL (Eng) House of Lords (UK)
HL (Scot) House of Lords (Scotland)
KB Court of King's Bench
OLRB Ontario Labour Relations Board
PC Privy Council
Prov Ct Provincial Court
Prov Div Provincial Division
QB Court of Queen's Bench
SC Supreme Court
SC (AD) Supreme Court (Appellate Division)
SC (TD) Supreme Court (Trial Division)
SCC Supreme Court of Canada
Sm Cl Ct Small Claims Court
Sup Ct Superior Court (Quebec), Supreme Court (US state)
Sup Ct J Superior Court of Justice (Ontario)
Super Ct Superior Court (US state)
TAB Tax Appeal Board
TCC Tax Court of Canada
TD Trial Division
Terr Ct Territorial Court (Yukon and Northwest Territories)
T Rev B Tax Review Board
US US Supreme Court