Degrees and Titles


Abbreviation Degree, title, or designation
B. A. baccalauréat ès arts (French)
B. Sc. baccalauréat ès sciences (French)
B. Sc. A. baccalauréat ès sciences appliquées (French)
BA bachelor of arts
BCL bachelor of civil law
BComm bachelor of commerce
BEng bachelor of engineering
BSc bachelor of science
CA chartered accountant
CJ chief justice
CPA certified public accountant
D. ès L. doctorat ès lettres (French)
D. Ph. doctorat en philosophie (French)
D. Sc. doctorat ès sciences (French)
D. Sc. A. doctorat ès sciences appliquées (French)
D. d'U. doctorat d'université (French)
DCJ deputy chief justice
DSc doctor of science
DTCCJ deputy judge of the Tax Court of Canada
FCIA fellow of the Canadian Institute of Actuaries
HMIT Her Majesty's inspector of taxes (UK)
J judge, justice
JA Appeal Court judge; justice of the appellate court
KC King's counsel
LL. L. licence en droit (French)
LL. M. maîtrise en droit (French)
LL. D. doctorat en droit (French)
LLB bachelor of laws
LLD doctor of laws
LLM master of laws
M. A. maîtrise ès arts (French)
M. B. A. maîtrise en administration des affaires (French)
M. Ph. maîtrise en philosophie (French)
M. Sc. maîtrise ès sciences (French)
MA master of arts
MBA master of business administration
MD doctor of medicine
MR master of the rolls
MSc master of science
OBE Order of the British Empire
OC Order of Canada
P president (UK)
Ph. D. doctorat en philosophie (French)
PhD doctor of philosophy
QC Queen's counsel
TCCJ judge of the Tax Court of Canada