Source Lines



If the item requiring a source line is an image or a photograph, the credit appears in a list at the end of the book. The list is called “Credits” and it includes the image sources for the entire book, in order of appearance.

Sometimes image rightsholders require the credit to appear next to the image. In this case, an exception is made and the source line appears below the photo. The permissions editor will tell the production editor of any such exceptions.

Charts, Graphs, Tables, and Boxes

If the item is author-created, no source line is needed.

Charts, graphs, tables, and boxes cite the source line immediately below the graph or table. The source is given in the reference style of the text. So, if the text is in APA, only the author, date, and page number is needed; the full reference appears in the reference list.

Box 13.1: Mike McKinnon Mike McKinnon, an Indigenous corrections officer working at the Toronto East Detention Centre, filed a human rights complaint against the Ontario Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services because of racial discrimination and harassment at his workplace. In his complaint, McKinnon alleged that, beginning in 1977, he and his wife were subjected to racist slurs and racist behaviour by his co-workers and even by his supervisors: “I was called ‘chief,’ conversations were referred to as ‘powwows’; my wife, who was then my girlfriend was referred to as a ‘squaw,’” recalled McKinnon who never hid his Indigenous ancestry, as some of his colleagues did. In 1998, 20 years after the incidents that spurred the complaint, the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal ruled that the failure of management to take action against the discrimination was an infringement of McKinnon’s right to a workplace free of harassment and discrimination. Mr. McKinnon’s complaint became a leading case in Canada on human rights remedies in race discrimination.
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